FH Salzburg - Nomination & Application Info Spring 2020

Nomination deadline October 15th

To nominate students please send following information to amelie.arrer@fh-salzburg.ac.at:
•    Full Name
•    Exchange Term(s)
•    Preferred Study area

Application deadline November 1st

Link: Application Link

Password: you will receive the password upon our acceptance of the nominees. We kindly ask you to forward the password to the students.

(For those that have already sent their nominations, the password will be sent to you shortly)

Timeframe: The application link will be open from October 1st - November 1st

Information on application documents and language instructions are availablie online.

Please note: Exchange students interested in the degree programmes "Design & Product Management" or "MultiMediaArt" are required to submit a Portfolio!

Course Offers:

- Find our English Course Offer is available online.
- The  International Departmental Coordinator is the direct contact for academic questions and matters, as students are required to prepare a provisional learning agreement.
- The international office also offers the following courses: German as a Foreign Language, Understanding Austrian Culture and Society, Working in Multicultural Teams.

You can also find all useful information regarding student life, our academic calendar, the fact sheet and other important forms on our website.

Additionally, we would like to inform you about the Marshall Plan Scholarship, which supports students with a technical focus from US institutions.
If you need any further information about the scholarship, feel free to contact us.

FH Salzburg International Office Team