Poziv:3rd CULTURAL INNOVATORS NETWORK FORUM Thessaloniki, Greece / 5-11.6.2014.

The Cultural Innovators Network is a transnational Euro-Mediterranean network initiated by the Goethe-Institut in 2012. It aims to promote cultural experimentation and innovation across borders, and sees creativity as a fundamental component of change.

The network is unique in bringing together cultural innovators from overlapping domains and sectors – including media, performing arts, visual arts, literature, design, social enterprise, active citizenship and peace work – and facilitating their creative collaboration and mutual learning. Each coming from the cutting-edge of their fields and highly engaged in their respective geographical contexts, the members of the network are crosspollinators and hybridizers, interested in both invention and intervention.

This unique personality of the network has developed through a first selection of participants in 2012, several of whom went on learning journeys in Egypt, Germany and Italy, to the first Forum of over 100 participants in Istanbul at the end of that year. This first forum led to over 20 pilot projects realized across the Euro-Mediterranean region. Until now, 20 collaboration projects have been created and supported by CIN in different fields including but not limited to arts, politics, social entrepreneurship and media. The Network has elected its first steering committee and is developing into a structured, democratic, independent and sustainable transnational organization. A second forum took place 2013 in Hammamet, Tunisia, where the constitution was developed, results of the projects’ first phase were presented, and new synergies on the network were being discussed.

We are now opening up membership of the Network for the first time since its creation, and would like to invite you to apply. Those selected will have the opportunity to attend the third Cultural Innovators Network Forum in Thessaloniki in June 2014, where new projects and programs of the Network will be developed, capacity building sessions will be held, and new collaborations will be born.

Selection will be based on an application and interview. Please do not hesitate to approach the CIN Steering Committee or any of our members, if you would like to have further information.

We are looking for new cultural innovators in order to share visions for tomorrow’s societies and work together on developing new actions.

Cultural Innovators will:

  • Become part of a network with cultural innovators from 29 countries working in a wide range of areas from arts to social entrepreneurship.
  • Have a chance to develop collaboration projects and join the existing CIN projects. Information about existing projects can be acquired via:http://www.goethe.de/culturalinnovators
  • Attend the 3rd Cultural Innovators Network Forum in Thessaloniki, Greece (Costs will be covered by Goethe-Institut including accommodation, boarding, visa, travel insurance and travel. All other personal expenses will be covered by the participant)


Selection Criteria – You are:

  • Active in one of the following areas: arts, culture, media, politics, social entrepreneurship, youth
  • Motivated to be a multiplier for the CIN and support its further development
  • Between 20-35 years old
  • A citizen or resident of one of the following countries: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestine, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey
  • You have a good command of English


Selection Process

Please send us your application form along with a CV with photo by the 10th of April at 23:59 p.m. GMT to this email:
Mail Symbolcommittee@culturalinnovators.org