Lamija Neimarlija , Ph.D.

Lamija Neimarlija, PhD
(b. 1987, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

     She defended her doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo, in September 2018. At the same institution, she studied philosophy and comparative literature and achieved bachelor's degree in philosophy and comparative literature in 2009. Two years later she completed master's degree in philosophy.
     During her studies she was a member of scientific-research incubator ZINK and also a volunteer in Philosophical society „Theoria“ at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. She was engaged in different scientific and research projects. Her texts were published in different scientific journals, journals for cultural, social and art critic. She participated in European projects and programs for student exchange (DAAD, WUS Austria).
     After her master studies she took a part in projects for critical discussion and writing about socio-political reality or contemporary artworks („Criticizethis!“, „Pulse of Democracy“). As a volunteer in Youth Press Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina she was a member of editorial board for youth magazine „Karike“. During this period she published a number of critical reviews on literary works, social and political texts and essays in Bosnia and Herzegovina and region.
     She attended Teacher education program at the Faculty of philosophy, University of Sarajevo (2011/12) and TRAIN (Training & Research for Academic Newcomers) program at the University of Sarajevo (2013).
     She was one of the founders of the “Golden Badge Association of the University of Sarajevo” and Vice-president in the period from 2013 to 2016. Since March 2013, she has been working as the assistant for Aesthetics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo and she was promoted to senior assistant in 2017.
     For her remarkable results achieved during studies she was awarded the “Golden Badge of the University of Sarajevo” (in 2009 and 2011), “Plaque of the Faculty of philosophy” (2009). She was the best student in category of extraordinary talented students that received scholarships from “Suada Dilberović” fund, and was honoured by “Karim Zaimović” foundation (2008).