Poziv: Fundación Botín > Visual Arts scholarships for international students in Spain, 2014-15 (Deadline:30/4/2014)

Visual Arts International Scholarships in Spain covers aid for training, research or personal projects around artistic creation, which conclude with the organisation of the Itineraries Exhibition and the publication of a catalogue. The foundation assigns 220.000 € to Visual Arts Grants for study, research and the undertaking of individual projects in the sphere of (non-theoretical) artistic work.

The scholarships are available to people of any nationality;
-Applicants for study grants must be between 23 and 40 years old. There is no age limit for the research grants;
-The grants would be considered definitively assigned when a written confirmation by the applicant is received at the Fundación.

What does it cover? 

-Not involving a change of residence: 16,000 €;
-Involving relocation in a country other than your current residence: 24,000 €;
-The aforementioned amounts include trips, accommodation, maintenance, studio rentals, etc.
-These amounts will be incremented to include medical insurance (if the fellow changes the residency country) and, in cases of study, the registration fees of the chosen Education Centre, pending approval, will be covered by the Fundación Botín;
-These grants are subject to applicable taxes in Spain;
-Payment procedures: 45% at the beginning of duration, 25% in the two following trimesters and 5% on receipt of the final report.

The period covered by the grants is of  9 months.

A Jury appointed for the task will make the selection. The decision of the Fundación Botín will be final.

Deadline for applications: 30 April 2014.