University of Graz, grants for outstanding students from SEE-Go Styria

In cooperation with the University of Graz, the Province of Styria has been offering a new grant for outstanding students from South-Eastern European countries – “Go Styria!”. In the winter semester 2014/2015 a total of 50 scholarship months can be awarded.
More information on fields of study offered at the University of Graz available at:
The Department for Scientific Affairs of the Province of Styria takes a very strong interest in the process of South-Eastern European integration and sets a course in those countries who are not – or not yet – members of the European Union. Styria, as a link between the EU and Eastern/South-Eastern Europe, adopts an active role in the scientific and cultural exchange between the countries and has the necessary preconditions to integrate the research competences and to utilize the available synergetic opportunities.
Against the background of a long standing, varied and intensive cooperation with the regions of South-Eastern Europe, the University of Graz was the first university in the German-speaking world to set a university-wide focus on “South-Eastern Europe” as the profile-setting core of its university development concept. Thanks to its expertise and acquaintance with both the needs as well as the potentials for cooperation of the South-Eastern European region, the University of Graz has been an important forerunner within the EU for the realization of the vision of European-wide integration for a long time. As part of an extensive circle of partnerships, the university takes these historically developed and in many areas important connections into consideration.