100% Full Scholarship Program Announcement - Shepherd University

Shepherd University is a collegiate university which is located at Los Angeles California, U.S. along 
with School of Digital Arts, School of Contemporary Music, School of Nursing, School of Theology and
Extension Language School.

Especially, Hollywood CG School of Digital Arts is specialized in VFX & Animation and Game Art & Design.   

<Student’s Work>   

The computer graphic specialists influence the quality for all existing video production, such as in the
fields of VFX & Animation, Film, Broadcast, Advertisement and Game.
Not only at Hollywood in U.S. but also through all over the world, these visual effects specialist area is 
the most promising one with making diverse backgrounds and realistic visual effects on their works.

The reason U.S. leads the world computer graphic trends for various special visual effects is to keep the
high quality as a reality for SF, Fantasy, Action, Animation, Broadcast and Advertisement.

Realistic graphic technology and special visual effects were accomplished with long term plan on 
technology and production know-how. From the initial stage, all these planning were set up regarding
how to apply the special visual effects on the works, investment for production manpower,
preparing the various materials, selecting color texture and details. These kind of preparations are
able to achieve the reality on the works.

Like this, the United States has the largest market size and recognized as the Mecca of Digital 
Contents industry through all over the world. Especially, Hollywood has been leading the Digital
Contents industry for a long time and very well-known for the movies, broadcast, games, advertising,
music and cable TV through the world.

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